The Best Neighborhoods in Toronto for First-Time Homebuyers


September 2023


You can’t possibly make an ideal choice of where to settle down without knowing what your options are! For this reason, we’ve compiled a guide on the best neighborhoods in Toronto for first-time home buyers.


The Junction

Located in the western part of the city is the first entry on our list of the best neighborhoods in Toronto for first-time home buyers. And it is the perfect neighborhood for those looking to get a good deal on their new residence! After all, this neighborhood boasts a diverse range of housing options, from charming Victorian-style homes to trendy condos. Moreover, the real estate market offers a unique blend of affordability and value, making it an attractive prospect. The neighborhood’s proximity to public transportation, including GO Transit and TTC, also ensures a convenient commute to downtown Toronto. Finally, with its friendly community vibe, local shops, and cultural attractions, The Junction promises an enriching lifestyle for residents.



Leslieville, in the city’s east end, emerges as another of the best neighborhoods in Toronto for first-time home buyers. This charming neighborhood offers an attractive blend of safety and community. So, if you opt for it, you won’t need to worry about adding security features to your home. Furthermore, Leslieville’s low crime rates and friendly atmosphere create a sense of security that’s especially comforting for new homeowners. The housing market in Leslieville is equally appealing, with a range of affordable options, including cozy townhouses and renovated lofts.

Its vibrant dining and shopping scene along Queen Street East adds a touch of urban convenience. Meanwhile, the local arts and culture scene provides a rich and engaging lifestyle. So, Leslieville is a top pick for first-time buyers seeking a secure, welcoming, and culturally vibrant neighborhood.



Scarborough, located in eastern Toronto, is a hidden gem for first-time homebuyers. This diverse and vibrant neighborhood offers a unique blend of affordability and natural beauty, making it attractive. Scarborough also boasts a range of housing options, from affordable condos to spacious family homes, accommodating various budgets and lifestyles. However, its abundance of green spaces, including the stunning Scarborough Bluffs and numerous parks, sets Scarborough apart. That provides residents with plentiful opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation!

Furthermore, the area is home to excellent schools and educational institutions, making it a family-friendly choice. Finally, the emerging local businesses and cultural diversity add to the neighborhood’s charm. If you’re a first-time homebuyer seeking affordability, natural beauty, and a thriving community, Scarborough has it all.


Yonge and Eglinton

Yonge and Eglinton, often called “Midtown Toronto,” is a highly sought-after neighborhood for first-time homebuyers.  This area, located in the city’s heart, balances affordability and convenience, making it a prime choice. Housing options in Yonge and Eglinton range from modern condos to charming townhouses. Furthermore, one of its standout features is the excellent public transportation network, including the Eglinton Crosstown LRT, which ensures a seamless commute to downtown. The neighborhood also buzzes with many entertainment options, from cinemas to restaurants, and its thriving job market is a magnet for young professionals. Safety is also a priority here, with low crime rates enhancing its appeal!


High Park

High Park, nestled in western Toronto, is a haven for first-time homebuyers seeking a blend of tranquility and urban convenience. This neighborhood offers a diverse housing market, from cozy apartments to spacious family homes, accommodating various budgets. What truly sets High Park apart is its namesake, a sprawling green oasis spanning 400 acres, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, picnics, and strolls. Moreover, it’s a family-friendly area with excellent schools and a strong sense of community. High Park also boasts great services and local businesses, making daily life convenient and enjoyable. So, if you are moving from Montreal to Toronto and hiring movers, local pros can help you reach Toronto safely. Whether you’re drawn to the lush greenery or the vibrant local scene, High Park provides a unique and appealing option for first-time buyers looking to plant roots in Toronto!


The Beaches

Nestled in Toronto’s eastern corner, The Beaches is a splendid choice for first-time homebuyers. With its cozy homes and trendy condos, this charming neighborhood strikes a harmonious balance between affordability and coastal living. What truly sets The Beaches apart is its picturesque beachfront along Lake Ontario, offering residents a year-round escape to sandy shores and water activities. Whether you’re an avid beachgoer or enjoy the scenic views, this neighborhood has it all! The community also thrives with local festivals, markets, and a tight-knit atmosphere.

Furthermore, dining, shopping, and cultural experiences abound along Queen Street East, adding to the neighborhood’s allure. Plus, with a straightforward commute to downtown, The Beaches is a prime location for professionals and families. So, if you’re a first-time homebuyer seeking a relaxed beachfront lifestyle, The Beaches is your ticket to a coastal haven in the city’s heart.


Liberty Village

Liberty Village, situated in Toronto’s west end, is an appealing destination for first-time homebuyers. This vibrant neighborhood offers an enticing mix of urban convenience and modern living. From contemporary condos to stylish lofts, Liberty Village has it all. Moreover, Liberty Village has a truly thriving community atmosphere. The streets have various dining spots, trendy shops, and entertainment venues, making it a hub for young professionals and urban enthusiasts! Commuters will also appreciate the proximity to downtown and excellent public transportation options. So, if you’re a first-time homebuyer looking for a dynamic and lively neighborhood that caters to your modern lifestyle, Liberty Village is the perfect fit.


North York

North York, located in Toronto’s north, presents a diverse and promising landscape for first-time homebuyers. From charming single-family homes to modern condos, North York offers various housing options to cater to various preferences. One of its standout features is accessibility, with a well-connected public transportation network, making it convenient for daily commutes. The neighborhood is also home to top-notch schools, libraries, and recreational facilities, making it an ideal choice for families. Moreover, with numerous green spaces and parks, North York provides a refreshing escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Whether you’re a young professional seeking proximity to job opportunities or a family looking for a serene environment, North York has everything you need to find your ideal home in the diverse and vibrant tapestry.



Roncesvalles, located in Toronto’s west end, is an enchanting neighborhood that beckons first-time homebuyers with its unique charm. Its walkable streets lined with boutique shops, cozy cafes, and a lively cultural scene set Roncesvalles apart. Strolling along its tree-lined avenues, you’ll sense a palpable sense of community engagement and local pride! The neighborhood’s proximity to High Park and Lake Ontario also provides ample outdoor activities and relaxation opportunities. So, suppose you’re drawn to its cultural vibrancy and friendly atmosphere. In that case, Roncesvalles offers a unique blend of urban living and community spirit that appeals to first-time buyers looking for a distinctive experience.


East York

East York, situated in the eastern part of the city, is the final entry on our list of the best neighborhoods for first-time homebuyers. This charming and family-friendly neighborhood offers a decent range of housing, from cozy bungalows to modern townhouses. Moreover, local events and gatherings are common here, so it’s a perfect place to live if you like those. The area also boasts excellent schools, libraries, and recreational facilities, making it an ideal choice for families. And with numerous parks and green spaces, residents can enjoy outdoor activities year-round. For first-time buyers looking for affordability, a strong sense of community, and a family-oriented environment, East York is a top contender in Toronto’s real estate landscape!


Picking from the best possible options

With our guide on the best neighborhoods in Toronto for first-time home buyers, you can now make your choice! Moreover, you can do so knowing that you are fully aware of the most appealing options.

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