MLS Abbreviations

MLS abbreviations can seem like another language to those unfamiliar with them. We, Realtors, use a lot of different abbreviations. You often can find them on MLS listings and descriptions. Just because the space is so limited to mention all the beautiful features of the property for sale or for lease, we must be creative. I will mention a few the most popular ones I most often asked about what does it mean:

DOM – days on the marketPc – price change

Sc – sold conditionally

Sld – sold

Lc – leased conditionally

Ter – Terminated (the listing)

Sus – Suspended (the listing)

Exp – Expired (the listing)

Ext – Extended (the term of the listing)

A/C – air conditioner

Hydro – electricity (non-Canadians always are confused with this)

W/O – walkout, could be a basement

Elf’s – Electrical light fixtures

GDO – garage door opener

W/D – washer and dryer

S/S – stainless steel

W/ – with

LB – lockbox

B/I – built-in

W/I – walk in

Lg – large

Cc – certified cheque

RECO – Real Estate Council of Ontario

TRREB – Toronto Regional Real Estate Board

Those are all of the major ones, though you can be assured there’s way more than that! A lot of real estate terminology can be murky and uncertain, so I hope you found this helpful. Let me know if you have any other terms or questions regarding real estate that I can help you with! 

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