Navigating Asbestos Risks in Toronto Homes


February 2024



Discovering potential asbestos hazards in homes built before the 1980s is crucial for the safety of residents. This guide sheds light on asbestos exposure risks, its common locations, and practical advice for homeowners.


Understanding Asbestos in Your Home

Asbestos, a mineral composed of thin fibres, poses health risks when disturbed. Homes, especially those constructed before the 1980s, may contain asbestos in materials like paint, insulation, and floor tiles.


Common Exposure Scenarios

Homeowners can unknowingly expose themselves to asbestos during DIY renovations, garage work, drilling into drywall, removing vinyl floor tiles, or even popcorn ceiling removal.


Spotting Asbestos in Your House

Older homes may contain asbestos in various materials such as cement asbestos board siding, roofing felt, insulation around pipes, and vinyl floor tiles. Although many residential uses for asbestos have been phased out, it is still legal for specific applications.


Asbestos Safety Dos and Don’ts

Follow these guidelines to minimize asbestos exposure risks in your home:

  • Do hire trained professionals for inspections, testing, repairs, or removal.
  • Do talk to your home inspector or real estate agent about any known asbestos risks.
  • Don’t disturb materials that may contain asbestos.
  • Don’t perform work on or near asbestos materials without proper training.


Testing for Asbestos

If you suspect asbestos, consult a professional for testing. Homeowners can collect samples, but hiring a licensed asbestos expert is safer. No test confirms exposure, but imaging scans can detect asbestos-related diseases.



Being aware of asbestos materials in your home and practising caution during renovations are essential steps to ensure a safe living environment. Seek professional guidance if you suspect asbestos, promoting a secure and healthy home in Toronto.

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