Staying in Touch with Your Realtor

We’ve heard this story many times: I bought or sold a property. It closed. Yet, after final conversations with my realtor, we no longer kept in touch. We became close during the buying process or listing, almost like friends, then suddenly “the friendship” was over.

Many Realtors stay in touch with their past clients in different ways – some don’t want to bother their clients: they don’t want to be thought of as “being to sales-y,” always asking for business, etc.

So my question is: What do YOU like? Would you like your agent stay in touch with you on a consistent basis – and if so – how?

Personally, I like when someone I did business with e-mails me once in a while asking how am I doing. Just the thought of them thinking of me makes me feel pleasantly satisfied. I know that it’s part of their “job” of prospecting, but I still appreciate it and don’t feel that I am bothered by the gesture.

However, I’m not particularly fond of repetitive, overly-frequent automated e-mails feel like spam. Of course, it all depends on who is sending what. I like receiving newsletters – even though I may not read them all right away, I can always go back to their e-mails and read it later. It’s a nice reminder that they are still thinking of me.

Ways to Do So

Phone Call

Would you like your Realtor to call once in a while? Perhaps they could call before holidays to wish you and your family a happy, festive season. Also, if they saw you posted something on your social media and want to offer help. How often is “not too often?”

I would feel good that someone is making an effort to call instead of automating e-mails. Personally, I love one-on-one conversations the most.

Text Message

In this case – depends on how comfortable you are with technology. I am not a millennial, but I really like texts and texting! It is definitely quicker and straight to the point. Most of the time, it is answered promptly – not like an e-mail that could be easily ignored. But too many texts or automated texts – no thanks.

Social Media

Do you like connecting with your Realtor on social media? Some do their research and connect upon meeting – others, after closing. It is like staying in touch without the obligation to answer every post. I personally like it. Don’t you think it is a good way to know them better on a personal level?


Do you like receiving postcards, magazines or greeting cards? I sure do – no obligations to answer but good to know that my Realtor is still in business and thinking of me.

And My Favorite…

Social Events

This sounds like fun, doesn’t it? It’s a social event and an opportunity to meet new people. Bonus points if it’s held at a nice venue – especially somewhere I have never been before. What about you? What would you like the most about it?

In general, I like to stay in touch and do business with the same professionals over and over again. It may take time to find “the one” person to work with, but when I have them it’s highly beneficial! For example – I have one lawyer who I do all my personal deals with, refer him to all my clients and if I have a question and don’t want to be charged – voila – he is always available for me.

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