To Whom it May Concern,

Dear Landlords & Investors, it breaks my heart when I see listed properties for rent with no pictures at all or ones of very poor quality, and I will tell you why.

I come from a property management background, and am an investor myself and landlord myself. Now I have a lot of investors/clients with rental properties who list their units on a consistent basis on MLS. And I also work with a lot of corporate clients who help their employees find a suitable condo building, or just generally guide them to the right neighbourhood. You could say that I know a lot of condos by heart, but there are still some that I miss out on seeing because they pop up so frequently.

There is one very important requirement that my corporate clients need to have: sprinklers – either in the unit or the corridors. Thankfully, all new condos have them, but most old condos don’t have them, aside from older luxury condos like Shangri-La.  Like previously mentioned, I haven’t seen all 3000 condo buildings in the city, so I rely on pictures of the properties to provide me with information. 

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Picture this: I have clients who are looking to rent for 2-5 years. They are definitely dream clients by any landlord’s standards. My clients are coming in a couple of weeks and only have a two-day weekend to look at properties. So, my job is to research and select the best properties that match their requirements, plus they have to have sprinklers. My clients’ time is valuable, so I cannot afford to show them 20 properties per day. Therefore, it is crucial that only select properties that are actually viable candidates. When I cannot clearly identify what I am looking for in the property’s pictures, I skip that listing. Sometimes I will call the listing agent, but most of the time they don’t know whether the unit has sprinklers, and neither does the concierge. Even the property managers do not always know, and I’ve had situations when I have been given incorrect or misleading information. The only way I am able to see whether there are sprinklers in the property are if the pictures are professional done.

In Conclusion

Honestly, having good quality pictures doesn’t cost that much. The condos we are looking at are at least $4000 or more. So agents, your $200 expense is very reasonable. And landlords, please never accept anything less than a professional photography service – I promise you that it will be worthwhile.

When you get professional pictures taken of a rental unit, including the basement (which is very important!), you are not only able to get more rent and rent it quickly, but you can also use these pictures over and over again.

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