Using Black in Your Interior Design

Using Black in your interior design isn’t always the most popular choice. Nonetheless, to be technically correct, same as white, black is not colour but rather “the absence of visible”, in scientific terms, and this is the main point to keep in mind when it comes to incorporating black in your design. Some of the most valuable aspects of this neutral are contrast, statement and class.
Introducing black in the interior of any space demonstrates confidence, above all. However, in order to use this powerful neutral in the most efficient way to complement all decorative features, you must first decide if it will serve as a backdrop or as an emphasis to enhance other colors and create a layered effect.
If you are feeling bold and daring, splash that black all over. Yes, even the ceiling! This will allow you to play around with textures, trimwork, lighting and accessories of all possible shades and finishes.

Testing the Waters

But if you are hesitant, despite craving some drama in your home, I suggest to pick one accent wall and let it enchant you by creating depth and point of interest without the overall darkness.
Another stylish but risk-free option is to start your adventure by accessorizing with black. Things like chairs, pendants, area rugs, hardware details and artwork frame a contrasting effect,  thus giving the space required dimension.
Last but not least, do not compromise the unconventional vision to the illusion of making a small room even smaller by introducing black. Using the neutral correctly, you might, actually, achieve just the opposite. But even if you don’t, remember – a powder room will not gain more inches, no matter the color, but it will scream class and style – guaranteed!
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Written by Inna Malyarov, Interior Designer and Owner of Egoist Design

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